Flipped Classroom

Getting Started with Flipped Classroom

The following steps are just a guide for creating a flipped classroom.  There is not a set of exact rules with using this concept.  Many teacher go all in or just use parts of this concept.  There is no right or wrong way to do this!  There are also many ways to tie all of the steps together.  Below is only a snapshot of the different ways to deliver a flipped classroom.

Also, who says flipping the classroom means that the students have to watch the video for homework and do the work in class.  Instead, take the students to the computer lab and have the students watch the video at the beginning of class.  Then use the rest of the class to complete the "homework".  This is a great way to become accustomed to the Flipped Classroom and to evaluate if your students like this concept.  

Step 1:  Find the video or make the video

Make the video:  Screen Cast O Matic

Step 2:  Find a platform to support all of your videos.  This can be as easy as posting the video on your own website. Other options of platforms are below.  

Optional:  Insert the video into a google form and create questions that go along with the video. 

Optional:  Create a learning management system for your students to have access to all materials  Examples:  google classroom, edmodo, schoology

Learning Management Systems


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