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What is a QR Code?  How do I use them?  How do I make them?

What is a QR Code? - Scanning this code with a mobile device will send the device to a web based link.  Example:  Students scan this code and the code will take them to what the teacher wants the student to see or do. (a website, an on-line activity, an on-line quiz, a video or a web based document)

QR Code to NSCSD Tech Website
Step 1 to reading QR Codes:  Download a QR Code scanner in the app store.

Step 2:  Use the QR scanner to scan the above code.  This code will take you to a web based link.  Example:  This code will take you to NSCSD tech blog.

How to use QR codes in the classroom:

- great way to get students to the same place using a device
- scan the code to go to a specific video
- scan the code to go to an on-line quiz 
- put the QR code on a homework assignment, if students have a problem with the assignment, they can go to a website or video on the topic
- put a QR code on the table or desk of a learning station, students scan the code and work on the activity for that station (directions to the student:  scan the QR code)
- students create a web-based project and create their own QR code to hand into the teacher or display in the classroom
- after students finish an assignment in class or a homework assignment, they can scan a code that takes them to the answers
- Open House Ideas:  Parents can scan the codes for brochures or handouts instead of hard copies.  Have a QR code for teacher contact information or a code for the teacher's website.  Place QR codes around the classroom for parents to see digital student projects.

How to make a QR code:

Step 1:  Find the digital content/video/web based activity/website - must have a URL address (link) - What do you want the students to see?

Step 2:  Use a QR code generator to make the code (a simple search for QR code generators will work - make sure that you save the image (QR code) in your files!

All follow the basic steps:

Paste the URL address into the generator and click download

Save the image to your files (rename it before you save for organization purposes)

Print out the QR code or copy and paste the code into a document.

This is a QR code to a handout of how to make QR codes that can be printed:
QR Code Handout

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