Friday, November 21, 2014

SMART and Microsoft Ink

SMART Notebook 11 and up replaces the Digital Ink Layer and Ink Aware with SMART and Microsoft Ink.

SMART Ink allows you to write over anything on your screen and capture a screenshot of your work to a SMART Notebook file. Microsoft Ink allows you to write over an office file and save the ink directly in the document.  Here's a quick comparison:

Source: SMART Ink 2.1 for Windows/SMART

If a teacher turns SMART Ink off (under the SMART Ink toolbar that appears when connected to a SMART Board, here's how to turn it back on:
  1. Click on your Start/Office Button
  2. Open All Programs
  3. Open SMART Technologies folder
  4. Select SMART Ink
  5. Select Turn On SMART Ink
Here are some further resources to help you make the switch:

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